A beautiful vacation

This post has got nothing to do with crochet – but worth sharing nevertheless. These are some pictures from my recent vacation to Munnar. Such a beautiful and serene place to take time out and unwind. I am not very good with words so i will quit describing and let these pictures speak for themselves.

Beautiful wild flowers

Tender cardamom pods

A walk through the spice plantations

Game of sun and shadows over vast tea estates


The woods were lovely dark and deep.

Undoubtedly, Kerala is God’s own country!


Have you ever made a bucket list of projects you want to do before you…? I am making one, and like all other bucket lists, it keeps growing. Just as a backup for my memory and also to keep a track of how much time was spent between dreaming about a project and actually implementing it, here goes the list:🙂

1. Aurora Silk Wrap by Poppalina (added 2012/09/14)

2. Baby jacket by Poppalina (added 2012/09/14)

3. Rose doily by American thread company (added 2012/09/28) (Inspired from Sangeetha’s version here)

4. Penelope Shawl (added 2013/12/31) (Inspired from Nerdy Crocheter’s version here)

I have been visiting these posts every now and then and just waiting for the right opportunity (you know when you lay your hands on the perfect yarn with right colors at the right time etc etc). Well, here are few at the top of my list, more to come.


While we are at it, here’s some work-in-progress – A shirred woolen vest for my husband :
Pattern: Even Howard

I am not very happy with the way spring green goes with baby blue. Given the alternatives are yellow, grey, dark pink and white, any suggestions what i should go for?

woot woot

The blanket is finally ready. After much procrastination, i managed to finish the border. This is for my grandma, who taught me to crochet and for whose place i am leaving tonight. Some loose ends still remain to be tucked in, but that will have to wait until tomorrow! Decided to take a few pictures before i start packing.

Scarf and the Catherine Wheels

Although this project is one winter old, i decided to post because this scarf after use still looks pretty good – thanks to the baby cashmerino. I was particularly impressed because the pattern is such a simple one, only 2 colors and 1 stitch, but it still stands out. In my eyes, Catherine wheel stitch is one of man’s most gorgeous inventions… well ok, Catherine’s perhaps! The stitch is so lovely that it never fails to add a dash of elegance to any project.

Anyway, i will swallow my immodesty and let you decide.

UPDATE: Almost forgot to acknowledge Michael Sellick’s youtube tutorials that helped me learn this stitch. Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIZYAe4Tj6k